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Bodyshop Emission Program

Our Bodyshop chooses to use Glasurit 90 LINE, the world’s #1 waterborne paint which means yourcar will receive the best possible finish, and now with the best possible result for the environment through the Glasurit Bodyshop Emissions Program.

Why we are part of the Galsurit Bodyshop Emission Program

With the increased importance of green issues and sustainability, our business has decided to make a positive contribution to the environment. We have recently converted our Bodyshop paint system to water based paints.

The Glasurit 90 LINE paint system significantly reduces the amount of solvent emissions and improves air quality both in and around the Bodyshop. These environmentally friendly paints use the latest European technology to not only give a perfect finish on your car, but also foster a cleaner, greener environment within the Bodyshop.

Not only are we using more environmentally friendly products, we are also a member of the Glasurit Emissions Program. In proud partnership with one of the leading not-for-profit emissions reduction organisation Carbon Neutral Australia, the Glasurit Emissions Program helps us turn our remaining emissions into trees!

Our Bodyshop makes a contribution based on our output levels, to the Carbon Neutral Australia tree planting program. This helps to sequester greenhouse gases caused by solvent emissions. Hundreds of native trees are planted every year by Carbon Neutral Australia.

They are an effective way of absorbing carbon dioxide emissions. These environmentally friendly initiatives are a positive move within an industry that has long been associated with solvent emissions and our business is among st one of the first in the country to join the program.

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