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At Camden Crash & Restorations we specialising in auto collision, body repair and car painting. Our modern facility is equipped with the latest in collision repair and finishing equipment, and our staff are trained in the latest body repair techniques.

Camden Crash & Restorations has a full service body shop facility, serving all major insurance companies, and the general public since 1989. Our commitment to our clients' safety and satisfaction is our number one priority. We offer our clients the most technologically advanced smash repair services in the industry. We are continuously improving the level of our customer service by listening and understanding the customers needs.

At Camden Crash & Restorations we take great measures to ensure that we repair your vehicle to the highest standards of auto body and frame collision repair. Your vehicle will not only look like new - it will also act like new with regard to safety, looks and performance.

Insurance Claims

At Camden Crash & Restorations we are proud of our reputation with insurance assessors. They know we will give you an accurate, truthful and competitive quote. Our many years of experience with all major insurance companies will help ensure that your claim gets handled correctly and quickly.

Your vehicle will be repaired by highly trained team, using the most up-to-date equipment available, to ensure that all factory standards are followed. Whether it's an old second car or your brand new family car, you can trust in us to get you back on the road, quickly and safely.

EcoSmash Accredited Accident Repair Centre

Camden Crash & Restoration has become the first smash repairer to achieve EcoSmash accreditation. Camden Crash & Restoration owner Jason Spiteri said he had heard about EcoSmash for a few months before he decided to take a look, but it was when he switched his repair shop to waterborn paint he became really interested.

“I’d previously taken all the steps to make sure I was complying by the relevant regulations and laws, but I wanted to go a step further and once I started looking into making the workshop greener I decided there were a lot of benefits in taking all the steps to achieve EcoSmash accreditation.

“As well as improving the way we deal with waste and water at the workshop, I’m also planning to promote that we responsibly manage the impact of our workshop on the environment. I know I’m interested in how other companies deal with their environmental management, so I think our customers will value it.”

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